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steam so tong with minced chicken recipe

Steam Sotong with Minced Chicken Recipe

4.2 of 5 20 Minutes

The steam sotong with minced chicken filling can be served as a main dish or side dish.  This recipe is simple, and all busy moms can give it a go! ...

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soy chicken recipe

Soy Mid Chicken Wing Recipe

4.6 of 5 45 Minutes

In the good old days, our contributor’s beloved mum, always use basic ingredients to cook soy mid chicken wing during festive season. Till today, this simple recipe dish is still ...

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soursop dessert

Soursop Dessert Recipe

4.3 of 5 35 Minutes

After a hearty meal at home, it is really great to serve this sweet and sour cold dessert to my dear family members and valuable friends. Love this soursop recipe ...

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instant sweet and sour chicken recipe

Instant Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

4.7 of 5 30 Minutes

This instant sweet and sour chicken recipe is fanatically appetizing. The chicken is still crispy after it is coated with the sauce – we love it. Definitely, this flavorful dish ...

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apple soup recipe1

Apple Soup Recipe

4.3 of 5

Here is another delectable fruit soup recipe to nourish your loved ones! Recipe contributed by: Mr Mark Ting

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chicken satay with ketupat recipe

Chicken Satay with Ketupat Recipe

4.4 of 5 10 Minutes

Why pay 60 cents for a stick of satay when you can make 40 sticks at home for less than 10 dollars? This chicken satay with ketupat recipe contains a ...

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double boiled black chicken with American ginseng

Double Boiled Black Chicken with American Ginseng Soup Recipe

4.6 of 5 120 Minutes

How to cook black chicken soup?  Fearing of the unknown taste and texture of the chicken has all along prevented me from cooking it.  Then, when our contributor, shared with ...

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lotus roots with fish paste recipe

Lotus Roots with Fish Paste Recipe

4.6 of 5

We love this lotus roots with fish paste dish. As we take a bite, there are crunchy lotus bits and the fragrant smell of parsley oozing in our mouth. A ...

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apple and pear soup recipe

Apple and Pear Soup Recipe

4.5 of 5 45 Minutes

To use fruits — apple and pear to cook Chinese soup, somehow has kind of curiosity of how it would taste like. We kind of like the unique taste of ...

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chrysanthemum herbal tea

Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea Recipe

4.7 of 5 25 Minutes

With this chrysanthemum herbal tea recipe, you can boil and drink it to detox your body any time. It has a combination taste of bitter and sweet.

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beetroot soup recipe

Beetroot Soup Recipe

4.2 of 5 45 Minutes

Beetroot has numerous health benefits that one can name it as a super food. It can help to boost stamina, prevent constipation, lower blood pressure, fight inflammation, detoxifying the liver, ...

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instant tom yam seafood recipe

Instant Tom Yam Seafood Recipe

4.6 of 5 25 Minutes

The thought of tom yam soup can make one drool … the spicy, hot and sour will cause us to salivate and wanting to drink more after each spoon. Instant ...

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