FoodClappers – The Who and Why…

We are ordinary folks like most of you – born and grew up in Singapore, blessed to be living in this country surrounded by a variety of mouth-watering local delicacies. Although Singapore is small, we can still miss out a great deal of delicious foods on this island, especially those of the hawker food centres. So give up some of your trips to the shopping malls, and follow FoodClappers on this journey to explore the great delectables worth clapping for, and immerse yourself in the true culture of local Singapore food.

On FoodClappers website, we provide genuine food reviews of hawker food centres, coffee shops, restaurants and home-cooked meals (under the Recipes section). Besides enjoying eating out, we are also a community of food lovers sharing cooking recipes, and helping each other become better chef!

Preserving Singapore Food Recipes

Recently, a close acquaintance, he whom was a great cook, father and husband, who cooked proudly for his family for 70 years, suddenly passed on. We miss him dearly, as well as regretfully, because the many great recipes of his were not passed down to his children. So we decide to do our part to help preserve Singapore’s home-cooked food culture, and to dedicate a section of the FoodClappers website for sharing recipes.

Our recipes are sorted according to skill level (beginner, easy, advanced, expert) so that our readers can try out the recipes at their own skill level. For busy working mothers and fathers (we at FoodClappers are too), we know that you would wish to cook a nice hot meal for your family despite a long day at work. Just go for the easy recipes, as they are typically nutritious food with easy preparation and short cooking time.

We hope that you and your family will make a part of your makan menu. Do continue to support us by sending us your recipes. You can email feedback, recipes or even request for food review using the contact us link at the bottom of the website.

Thank you.

the FoodClappers team