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honey mid chicken wing

Grilled Honey Mid Chicken Wing Recipe

4.7 of 5 45 Minutes

When kids come over to my house, I will usually prepare this dish because children just love to grab and tuck in to the wings… finger licking good as KFC ...

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coconut jelly agar agar

Coconut Jelly or Coconut Agar Agar Recipe

4.6 of 5 30 Minutes

The only tedious part of getting ready to make this coconut jelly is chopping the coconut and scooping the flesh. Once this portion of “coconut work” is done, cooking coconut ...

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Chicken Curry

Healthy Curry Chicken Recipe

4.5 of 5 40 Minutes

This is a healthy home-made curry chicken that is well like by many adults and kids.  It is not spicy, children are able to enjoy the curry as a meal ...

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stew chicken homemade

Stew Chicken Recipe

4.6 of 5 30 Minutes

Stew chicken recipe is one of the easiest dishes to cook when you are pressed for time for the whole day.  You can cook the stew chicken in the morning ...

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herbal steam prawns homemade

Herbal Steam Prawns Recipe

4.6 of 5 30 Minutes

Chuan Xiong is a kind of Chinese herbal medicines that can help to circulate blood, move Qi, expel wind, calm pain. Whereas for wolf berries, it has a long history ...

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Grilled Salmon 3

Grilled Salmon Recipe

4.7 of 5 20 Minutes

A very healthy and easy dish to prepare when you do not have enough time to spare.   This dish can be grilled or baked.  All taste delicious. Salmon has vitamin ...

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mei cai

Mei Cai Recipe (梅菜), Preserved Mustard Green

4.3 of 5 130 Minutes

To cook mei cai or preserved mustard green for the family to enjoy is quite easy.  So, surprise them with this “looks complex to cook” dish. Mei cai is great ...

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milk vanilla cake

Milk Vanilla Cake Recipe

4.3 of 5 45 Minutes 10

Initial stage when I started to bake cake, it was really a challenge. Every cake that I bake can’t be eaten.  It is either burnt, too oily or too hard. ...

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ko rou bao

Ko Rou Bao Recipe (扣肉包) “Kong Ba”

5 of 5 100 Minutes 7

This is a must try ko rou bao recipe for the whole family to relax and enjoy occasionally.  If you are worried about the fats, drink some chinese tea so ...

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peanut butter cookies rabbit mould

Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

4.4 of 5 10 Minutes

Peanut butter is a nutritious food for young children.  Besides providing protein, it contains many minerals and vitamins.  So unless your child has food allergies, there is no reason why ...

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Braised Duck Recipe (滷鸭)

4.7 of 5 100 Minutes 7

Anyone yearning for savoury Chinese braised duck (滷鸭)?  Well, you may want to give this recipe a try. Not only are the ingredients used to make this braised duck very common, ...

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Buttered fresh mushroom

Buttered Fresh Mushroom Recipe

4.3 of 5 10 Minutes


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