Healthy Curry Chicken Recipe

This is a healthy home-made curry chicken that is well like by many adults and kids.  It is not spicy, children are able to enjoy the curry as a meal together with the adults.

To impress your family and friends with your cooking skill, do try this healthy curry chicken recipe which has no coconut milk in it.  Those who are worried about cholesterol, you can also enjoy.

Chef Tips:

1) Tomatoes are used in this curry.  It’s nourishing, tasty and adds colour!
2) Using evaporated milk instead of coconut milk is healthier.
3) Adding light cooking cream will thicken and smoothen the curry sauce/soup.
4) Any brand of curry paste is good but Dancing Chef brand is my personal preference.
5) Use pink potatoes. Do not use Russet potatoes because they break up too easily.
6) Do remove chicken skin if do not like too oily.



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