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Shiitake Mushrooms Noodle - Blk 538 Bedok North Food Centre

Shiitake Mushrooms Noodle

This amazing Shiitake Mushrooms Noodle dish is available from the stall called Bai Li Yun Tun Mian (百利云吞面) at Bedok North Food Centre, Block 538 Bedok North Street 3, stall unit #01-92. Just recently, we have reviewed their chicken feet noodles and found it to be superb. Not having enough of it, we returned back […]

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Cantonese-style Chicken Feet Noodle, Bedok North Food Centre

We came across this stall called Bai Li Yun Tun Mian (百利云吞面) selling Cantonese-style Chicken Feet Noodle at Bedok North Food Centre, Block 538 Bedok North Street 3, stall unit #01-92. The noodles and the chicken feet both looked tempting, and we decided to have a taste of it to see whether it is worthy […]

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fried carrot cake bedok food centre

Fried Carrot Cake – Bedok Town Centre Hawker Centre

Here at the new Bedok Town Hawker Centre (next to Bedok Mall) is a stall that specialises in fried carrot cakes. Carrot cakes that are fried in the tradition style that is. We find the taste of the black carrot cakes very authentic, sweet with a soft and sticky texture, just like how carrot cakes […]

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rojak tiong bahru

Rojak Tow Kwar Pop at Tiong Bahru Food Hawker Centre

Rojak and tow kwar pop are Singaporeans’ favourites. In Tiong Bahru Food Centre, you will get the best rojak from Stall #02-06, stall name is “Tow Kwar Pop”. Their speciality is obviously tow kwar pop – crispy grilled to perfection. However, you must also try their rojak. The rojak comes with shreded green mangos, slices […]

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Teochew lor mee at beach road

Teochew Lor Mee, Beach Road

Most of the lor mee we tried used very similar ingredients like fried fish, fish cake, pork, egg, ngoh hiang and wanton to garnish their noodle. However, this Teochew lor mee in Beach Road, serves with fried fish, fried crispy fish skin and fried wanton. All the three’s fried taste marvelous. It complimented the noodle […]

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fried kway Teow at beach road

Fried Kway Teow Mee at Golden Mile Food Centre

Want to eat your favorite fried chow kway teow without having that guilty feeling? Good news — Fried Kway Teow Mee in Beach Road serves 100% no pork, no lard and lots of vegetables garnish on top of the noodle. It is really tasty even without the traditional way of using lard to cook.  Try […]

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duck rice review hainanese village

Ming Fa Duck Rice Review – Hainanese Village Centre

Hooray!! The famous duck rice stall of Blk 21 Defu Lane, Ming Fa Duck Rice, has recently moved to Hainanese Village Centre. More HDB heartlanders would now get a chance to savour the famous delicious duck recipe. The stall specialises in duck rice, but they also serve noodles. The duck meat is soft and tender, […]

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nasi lemak hainan village food centre

Nasi Lemak – Lorong Ah Soo, Hainanese Village

  Today we review a very popular dish – Nasi Lemak. Obviously, Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) is a well sought-after past time favourite of many locals. However, with so many competition out there, can any stall still stand out? Yes there is. We found a Nasi Lemak stall worth clapping for in Lorong Ah Soo’s […]

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da zhone hainan village food centre

Da Zhong Coffee and Tea – Hainanese Village

When you visit Hainanese Village Food Centre during the usual peak hours (morning before 9am and lunch time before 1pm), you can’t help but notice that there is only one coffee tea stall with an unending long queue of customers. That stall is none other than Da Zhong Cha Shi coffee stall (unit #02-20). Needless […]

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satay bee hoon queen street

Satay Bee Hoon Review – Queen Street

  Anyone craving for delicious and authentic satay bee hoon?  Nowadays, we can’t find any hawker or food centre that sell really good satay bee hoon.  We have chanced upon this stall and thus decided to review their satay bee hoon at Queen Street.  The fragrance of the satay sauce makes us drool. There is […]

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prawn noodle tai thong

Prawn Noodles – 31 Tai Thong Crescent

  For those who are familiar with the now demolished Jackson Centre will surely have try this prawn noodle stall which is located at the corner coffee shop at the junction of  Tai Thong Crescent and Siang Kuang Ave. You can get your traditional prawn mee with options for Pork Ribs, Pig Tail and Abalone. […]

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ngoh hiang maxwell road food centre

Ngoh Hiang – Maxwell Road Food Centre

Have a craving for the best Ngoh Hiang fritters? Let’s go to Maxwell Food Centre (formerly called Maxwell Market). The Maxwell Food Centre has been a food paradise since the 1950s and is home to several hawkers of the old China Street. At Maxwell Food Centre, stall number 64 (stall name “China Street Fritters”) stands […]

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