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roast meat rice ubi

Roast Duck Meat Rice – Blk 305 Ubi Ave 1

This eating outlet located at Ubi Ave 1 serves delicious roast meat and roast duck rice…The thick roast meat are roasted till crispy and together with the fats it just taste superb with the rice and gravy!!! The roast duck meat is also not too tough for the teeth and  together with the crispy skin…its […]

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minced meat noodle simpang bedok market place

Minced Meat Noodle – Simpang Bedok Market Place

This famous stall is located in the coffee shop just at the entrance of the carpark into Simpang Bedok Market Place. They serve delicious mince meat noodles that comes in different sizes to fill your stomach either $3.50, 4.50 and $5.50 for the very hungry…usually we prefer to order beehoon as we find the soap […]

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chai chee cai tou guo

Carrot Cake Slices – Blk 216 Bedok North St 1 #01-55

This particular snack brought me back to the good old days where stall sells the deep fried triangular shape carrot slice cake which they cut and fried on the spot. This particular stall was previously at the Chai Chee market(now demolished) during the 80’s… The stall is now been taken over by the second generation […]

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Chinese Lontong

Lontong – Lorong Ah Soo, Hainanese Village

The delicious gravy with its fragrant coconut smell of this bowl of lotong never fails to tempt me to finish drinking it all till its last drop. This lotong is not spicy at all and the spices added are just right. Fret not, if you like your lotong to be spicy, feel free to add […]

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Hokkien Fried Prawns Noodles – Bedok North Road

The Fengshan Food Centre (Bedok North Road) is one of the well-known food enclaves in Singapore. Over here, you can enjoy one of the most tasty and the best Hokkien fried prawn noodles. The noodles are succulent and tasty. The serving is neither too wet nor too dry, which is perfect. We can taste the […]

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Balonglong Juice – Haig Road

This is one of the most interesting fruit juices I ever had in my life — the juice of Balonglong fruit (also known as Kedongdong in Indonesia/Malaysia). The green juice is refreshingly sour and this stall at Haig Road Food Centre serves Balonglong juice with a few shaves of prune. Not only do I love […]

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Popiah – 112 Katong Mall

If you ever come by Katong do remember to drop by the food court at 112 Katong to try the popiah. Its really nice and refreshing with coriander inside… and each roll is puff up with full of ingredients at a reasonable price of $2.00. Understand that this stall was originally from Blk 69 Geylang Barhu […]

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Blk 232 AMK Kway Chap

Kway Chap & Pig Organ Soup – Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio St 22

Our friend recommend us this MUST try stall located at Blk 232 AMK St 22 and as it turn out we have no regrets….in fact we will  come back for more!! It is one of the Best!…simply marvelous Kway Chap & Pig Organ Soup that we have tried!!! It taste so Great that it made […]

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sarawak kolo mee

Sarawak Kolo Mee and Laksa – Haig Road Food Centre

Ever heard of Sarawak Kolo Mee? How about Sarawak Laksa? Well, these Sarawak noodles are rare in Singapore. But we found a stall in Haig Road Food Centre (which is opposite Tanjong Katong Complex / near City Plaza) that serves them. Look at the photos of Kolo Mee. The noodle is quite dry, comes with […]

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fish head soup amoy street

Teochew Fish Head Soup – Amoy Street Food Centre

This is your typical Teochew fish head soup. If you are one who enjoys chewing, crushing and sucking out the juice of the fish head bone, do give this stall a try. Also, this stall serves both the fish head bones AND chewy meat. This is the difference between this stall and other fish head […]

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oysters ABC market

Fried Oyster – ABC Brickwork Market & Food Center

When friends visit us from overseas, they would always ask us “What are the famous local foods in Singapore?”. Without a doubt, fried oysters would be on our list of famous dishes to recommend them. Frankly speaking, in most of the older, traditional hawker food centers, you should be able to find at least a […]

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Fried Carrot Cake - Original Changi Ten Mile

Original Changi Ten Mile Fried Carrot Cake

  The black carrot cake has been nicely fried, served very hot, and has a temptatious aroma diffusing from the plate as I brought it back to my table. It has a hint of charred taste just like that of the 1980’s fried carrot cakes. This kind of charred-fried carrot cakes have gone missing from […]

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