Original Changi Ten Mile Fried Carrot Cake

Fried-Carrot-Cake-Bedok-South3 Fried-Carrot-Cake-Bedok-South1


The black carrot cake has been nicely fried, served very hot, and has a temptatious aroma diffusing from the plate as I brought it back to my table.

It has a hint of charred taste just like that of the 1980’s fried carrot cakes. This kind of charred-fried carrot cakes have gone missing from hawker centres for decades. Now that I am eating it again, it reminds me of my childhood times. At just $2.50 a plate, it is worth a queue.

The white carrot cake is soft like the black version, but instead of sweet sauce, it has a unique saltish prawn-like taste, topped with plenty of “chai po” and a generous portion of eggs (see photo). Also $2.50 a plate.

Once you are in the hawker centre, you can trace the smell of the fried carrot cake from afar, so you probably won’t miss it when you are there.

Oh by the way, you may ask for an extra egg (extra $0.50 only). You won’t regret it because the eggs are the best part of the dish.

The stall certainly lives up to its name – “Original”. If I may add, I think Original is an understatement. I would say it is “Traditional and Original”.

In Singaporean own words, DIE DIE MUST TRY this stall man!!

Where: Block 16, Bedok South Road (Opposite Temasek JC)
Stall name: Original Changi Ten Mile Fried Carrot Cake, #01-32

Touted as the original Changi Ten Mile fried carrot cakes stall. Now at Singapore Bedok South hawker food center.


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