Teochew Fish Head Soup – Amoy Street Food Centre

fish head soup amoy street

This is your typical Teochew fish head soup. If you are one who enjoys chewing, crushing and sucking out the juice of the fish head bone, do give this stall a try. Also, this stall serves both the fish head bones AND chewy meat. This is the difference between this stall and other fish head soup stalls. However, the end of the soup is slightly salty. If you dislike salty soups I suggest while eating the dish you could stir the soup. This stall serves unique chili. In the chili, it is a mixture of soybean, chili padi, salted vegetable and ginger. Do not be put off by the 45 minutes long queue and the price of this bowl ($7 – $12) as you will surely be satisfied the moment you finish cleaning the bowl up.

Where: Amoy Street Food Centre
Stall No.: 
Big Name: 
Piao Jia Fish Porridge
Operating hours: 11 to 3.30pm daily

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