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When friends visit us from overseas, they would always ask us “What are the famous local foods in Singapore?”. Without a doubt, fried oysters would be on our list of famous dishes to recommend them. Frankly speaking, in most of the older, traditional hawker food centers, you should be able to find at least a stall that serves really good fried oysters. To tourists, these would be heavenly dishes. However, we are Singaporean foodies lovers, we have high standards, and above all, we wanna eat sinful fried stuffs yet not wanna feel guilty over it. So FoodClappers went hunting for fried oysters that won’t leave your gut greasy.

In Jalan Bukit Merah’s ABC Food Center, we found a stall that has been there for ages (at least 15-20 years history, based on surveys we had with people who have patronised there before) selling superlative fried oysters worth clapping for!

For $4 a plate, we laid hold of suprisingly,… a large plate of golden-brown, fried egg-and-flour batter with big oysters to satisfy our oysteriffic cravings. Wow, what a mouth-full.. That’s because words just cannot describe the superb taste of this stall’s fried oysters. To put it simply like Nike, “JUST TRY IT”.

Look at the photos — the oysters are plenty and big (though not the biggest we have ever had in such a dish, however, when we consider many factors in the food review including quantity, price and tastes, this stall wins hands down!). Look at the golden-fried eggs. They are crispy to the bite, and a heavenly aroma diffuses from within the mouth at first bite, which is the mark of expert frying. And while digging into the plate, we pulled out some of the fried flour and they are sticky and chewy, stirring up our cravings even more. Hmmm..yummy.

But the most crucial part of the review remains to be seen at the end, where it determines whether we should give this stall a 5-star or a 4-star vote. After devouring the entire plate, we want to see how “healthy” this dish is. Before you jump and disagree at the word “healthy”, relax…let us qualify it. By the word “healthy”, we mean how much less oily would this plate of fried oysters be as compared to local hawker standards. Take a look at the empty plate. It is pretty clean, not that much of oily stains at all. Hey, we have come across great fried oysters that leave a teaspoon or two of oil on the plate. By this yardstick, we feel that this plate of fried oysters from #01-36 ABC Food Centre deserves a 5-star vote!

Head on down to try this fried oyster stall. The ABC Brickwork Market & Food Center is located near the Alexandra car workshops and Ikea vicinity. Unfortunatey, there is no MRT nearby, but it is along major bus service routes, bus number 14, 123, 147, 153, 196, 197, 198, 855, 961, 961C.


Where: ABC Brickwork Market & Food Center, 6 Jalan Bukit Merah, Singapore 150006
Stall: #01-36
Big name: Fried Kway Teow / Fried Oyster / Carrot Cake (red sign board)


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