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coffee and tea - da zhong hainan

When you visit Hainanese Village Food Centre during the usual peak hours (morning before 9am and lunch time before 1pm), you can’t help but notice that there is only one coffee tea stall with an unending long queue of customers. That stall is none other than Da Zhong Cha Shi coffee stall (unit #02-20).

Needless to say, Da Zhong Cha Shi serves authentic, traditional coffee and tea. The boss makes an effort to ensure that every cup of coffee and tea is freshly brewed. Their coffee is rich and heavy, and has a nutty taste. Perhaps in Starbucks’ lingo, I would say Da Zhong’s coffee is pretty close to the Guatemala brew in terms of the richness. However, Da Zhong’s coffee has that unique traditional coffee after-taste not found in premium coffee. The coffee also does not turn sour easily, a sign that the stall uses quality beans. When brewing coffee, the boss performs a beautiful tarik, tediously pulling the coffee multiple times and drawing out a full-bodied aroma.

da zhong hainan village food centre

As for Da Zhong’s cup of tea, it is served hot, loaded richly with milk and has a deep and pleasant tea taste similar to Cameron Highlands Gold Blend. Here is a tip for you tea lovers. Ask Da Zhong for “teh kau” (i.e. tea thick) and you will definitely agree that it is the best tea in the entire Hainanese Village Food Centre.

Where: Hainanese Village Food Centre (Lorong Ah Soo / Hougang)
Big name:
 Da Zhong Cha Shi (coffee & tea)
Stall : #02-20




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