Ipoh Hor Fun – Lee Tong Kee, South Bridge Road


Ipoh Hor Fun

Beef Noodle - Lee Tong Kee

Looking for authentic original Ipoh Hor Fun? This is the place to go! After my first try, a dear friend brought me there, I returned a few other times bringing my family old folks, parents, aunties and uncles who had missed a good bowl (soup) or plate (dry) of Ipoh hor fun. Now the restaurant (old place, Tanjong Pagar since 1965) is run by Jillian, Mr Lee’s daughter. The taste, aroma, smoothness of the dish is well preserved by the family’s secret recipe. Everything else on the menu is mouth-watering and delicious too. Must try the smooth and soft white chicken, braised sea cucumber with large, juicy and well cooked mushrooms, unusual tastiness of fried wanton, the list goes on….

The chicken and prawn hor fun (signature dish) cost $5. Beef hor fun $7.
Average price per person if add other dishes can be about $10 to $15 , depending on what you ordered


Where: 278 South Bridge Road
Big Name: Lee Tong Kee
Operating Hours: open daily 10am to 9pm. closed on Tuesday

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