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sushi takeaway woodland

Most people love sushi. If you throw a party with sushi, it would probably run out first. Sushi is likely the most popular party food. However, a sushi party pack or sushi set from Japanese restaurants can easily cost you $30 for 15-20 pieces. This is hardly enough for 2 persons. Unless you have a deep pocket, you can forget about throwing a sushi party.

But here comes Sushi Express which is trying to change the sushi party game. You can find Sushi Express in Woodlands Xchange, above the MRT / bus interchange and next to the entrance of CauseWay Point shopping mall. The big signs in the shop prominent say 50 cents. See the photo.

At first, the sign caught our attention and we thought that perhaps only some sushi items are 50 cents. You know… those usual ones such as Tamago (egg), Ebi-Mayo (crab stick), Kappa-maki (cucumber). But we were surprised that almost all sushi items – you can name it and you have it, including the exotic range, all selling at 50 cents per piece, such as fresh Salmon sushi, fresh Tuna sushi, Tako-octopus sushi, Ebi sushi, Tobikko sushi, Ikura sushi.

Furthermore, Sushi Express is very nice to give us free wasabi and shoyu for our order. They did not cut corners in terms of customers’ expectations. And frankly, their sushi tastes as good as those of the mainstream Japanese restaurants. The only limitation is you cannot dine in however tempted you may be at seeing those 50 cents sushi. Neither will they supply you any chop sticks. So Sushi Express is strictly for take away only!

We give a big thumbs up for Sushi Express for satisfying both our appetite and our budget. If you are planning to throw a party, it is worthwhile. For $20, you can grab 40 pieces of exotic sushi, or with $50 you can have 100 pieces of exotic sushi to impress your guests!!! It is also an economical way to have sushi for dinner with your family.

To maintain the freshness of sushi, remember to bring a cooler bag to put the healthy and delicious sushi.

Big Name: Sushi Express
Where: Woodlands Xchange
30 Woodlands Avenue 2, #01-30, Singapore 738343

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