Mutton Soup – Old Airport Road Food Centre


Mutton Soup

Mutton soup is very high in protein. Protein-rich foods make people feel fuller longer. So if you are having trouble controlling your weight, mutton soup would be your solution as simply consuming it will make you feel less hungry resulting in you eventually being able to manage your weight. Mutton is also a great source for both zinc and iron. However, the downside of mutton soup is that it is very heaty and having too much of it is not advisable for some people.

This bowl of mutton soup does not have a strong herb smell. Disappointed? Well do give it a try as its taste makes up for its lack of herbs. Drinking the soup does not leave you feeling heavy despite the soup being cooked with mutton. If you feel that drinking just the soup is not enough, you can add rice to your meal.

Where: Old Airport Road Food Centre
Big Name: Hougang Jing Jia Mutton Soup #01-123


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