Carrot Cake Finger-Lorong Ah Soo, Hainanese Village

Carrot cake fingers Carrot-Cake-Fingers-Lorong-Ah-Soo1

Does looking at these pictures make you guilty and crave for these carrot cake fingers? It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. After taking one bite, its aroma presses me to eat more, it is really hard to stop myself from eating more! This is great as a snack and it can be used as party snacks. So, if you have any party,  remember to buy this unique carrot cake fingers.   It is oily but once in a while just pamper yourself with this snack.  It is amazingly delicious and mouth-watering… :)

Where: Lorong Ah Soo, Hainanese Village Hawker Centre #02-04
Big Name: Dong Jin Yuan Dian Xin
Operating hour:
Tue, Thur, Fri 7am-11am,
Sat, Sun 7am-2pm,
Close on Monday and Wednesday

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