Hakka Yong Tau Fu – Beside Siglap Centre, 736 East Coast Road

Yong Tau Fu- Siglap Ctr

Our favourite Hakka Yong Tau Fu stall is in this coffee shop beside Siglap Centre separated by a big drain. The items that you have picked will be fried and drizzled with thick minced meat gravy which tastes… excellent! To further enhance your taste buds, you should dip the pieces into the chill sauce provided… You should also order a bowl of thick mee-hoon that is also served together with the thick minced meat gravy to complete your meal…Yum..Yum… The price is also reasonable. The portions (as shown in the photo above) that we had ordered were for 3 person and costs about $13. Peak hour is packed and you will have to wait for your seat.

A brief history of this stall (Yuan Wei): The stall is a spin-off from the famous Fu-Lin Yong Tau Fu stall which previously occupied here. Heard that one or two of the workers took over the stall and re-named it as Yuan Wei. Today, Fu-Lin is just located a few shops away from this coffee shop and has expanded into food court business. Without doubt, we still prefer Yuan Wei whenever we drool over Hakka yong tau fu… hahaha :)

Big Name: New Leaf Park Yong Tau Fu(Yuan Wei)

Where: 736 East Coast Rd, New Leaf Park Food Paradise (Beside Siglap Centre)


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