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Dim Sum

Dim Sum – 20 Trengganu Street, Yum Cha

Old fashion push cart dim sum. Typical chinese restaurant where one can expect rowdiness, noisy and bad service. However, dim sum varieties is good and plenty. Mouth-watering small dishes that “touches your heart”. Expect all the usual favourite dishes. So, if one likes to experience family restaurants where you can talk aloud, take your time […]

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Kee Mei Siew Bao

Seremban Char Siew Pow – Bishan Cafeteria

Fame for its crispy golden crust with sticky sweet BBQ pork fillings – Seremban Siew Pow is now in Singapore. The signature product of Kee Mei Siew Pow – Siew Pow has a variety of meat fillings which are chicken filling and pork filling. Since these 2 types of siew pow have similar appearance, the […]

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