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Kee Mei Siew Bao

Seremban Char Siew Pow – Bishan Cafeteria

Fame for its crispy golden crust with sticky sweet BBQ pork fillings – Seremban Siew Pow is now in Singapore. The signature product of Kee Mei Siew Pow – Siew Pow has a variety of meat fillings which are chicken filling and pork filling. Since these 2 types of siew pow have similar appearance, the […]

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Dumpling with salted egg

Dumpling – Hong Lim Complex Hawker Centre

Dumplings used to be consumed only during the Dumpling Festival to commemorate Qu Yuan for sacrificing his life for his country by drowning himself in the famous Ni Lo River. To prevent the fishes from consuming Qu Yuan’s body, the people of Chu threw steamed rice wrapped in reed leaf into the river — the dumplings we […]

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