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soto ayam - T3

Soto Ayam – Changi Airport Terminal 3

One of our favourite Soto Ayam hunt is at the Nasi Pandan stall in Changi Airport Terminal 3. The soto ayam comes with longtong(ketupat) in the chicken soup with shredded chicken meat..if you are adventurous enough you can add in with sambal, be prepared…its hot and spicy!  I have to quench the fire in my stomach with ice […]

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Thumbs up chicken rice stall.

Chicken Rice – Hougang Blk 809 Central Eating House

Could this be the cheapest and most valued for money plate of chicken rice in Hougang?! The chicken meat is tender and its rice is fragrant and aromatic. Also, it has a big portion with its price of $2.50. Chili lovers would love this place as the chili served is very spicy. For a plus […]

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Vietnamese, noodle dried with pork chop

French loaves, beef noodle soup – East Coast Road

Delightful and down to earth, homecooked Vietnamese food. They bake their own 6-inch French loaves that is crusty on outside and soft and light on inside. Sandwiches cost $5.90-$6.50. It was my first time trying the noodle dried with pork chop and I loved it. Though it’s cold, it has a refreshing taste to it! […]

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Kee Mei Siew Bao

Seremban Char Siew Pow – Bishan Cafeteria

Fame for its crispy golden crust with sticky sweet BBQ pork fillings – Seremban Siew Pow is now in Singapore. The signature product of Kee Mei Siew Pow – Siew Pow has a variety of meat fillings which are chicken filling and pork filling. Since these 2 types of siew pow have similar appearance, the […]

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Vegetarian Roti Prata – Hougang

If you’re a vegetarian, you could try this roti prata for breakfast. Only breakfast, mind you, as by lunch, the roti prata would all be sold out. The combination of a crispy and fragrant roti prata with thick and fragrant, but not very spicy curry sauce is the best way to start your day. Don’t […]

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